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Ep12 is so important like, ep1 asip they meet and fall in love with each other, ep4 asib John realizes he’s in love with Sherlock, ep8 tsot Sherlock realizes he’s in love with john and that john is bi, ep12 they realize they’re both in love with each other and make out this is law 


Scandal is the sexual awakening episode, the transition….like the full bloom of the terrified still-not-fully-realized-feeling developing a sexual edge….the desperation for the cigarettes at the beginning of hounds….”I need some. get me some. please”….hahhah remember when i wrote things instead of speaking in half-coherent and half-finished sentences and then laughing….me neither…..cigarettes are a sexual metaphor….everything is so much…he wants so much and he is terrified of how much he wants….then he freaks out later in the episode because of being confronted with intimacy and vulnerability……


When they get together John being really outraged like “of course I hit on you at Angelo’s what do you think the boyfriend thing was about”


sherlock would totally write down what he wanted to say to ask john out and be standing there flipping lil index cards like “stop laughing i didnt want to forget anything”


john after getting into a romantic relationship with sherlock, making youtube videos he posts on his blog to spread informations on bisexuality and bisexual erasure, insisting on the struggle of bisexual men like him to be out


Sherlock restarted his heart because he’s totally a nice bro and John needed a hand



sherlock staring at john’s crotch for far too long until john sighs and just goes “sherlock for god’s sake my eyes are up here